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We are able to offer new timber windows manufactured in our workshop.
These are bespoke, made to any size or pattern and from any wood.

    New timber windows of all sizes           New timber windows of all shapes
A delivery of new windows.....

           New timber windows being delivered            New timber windows being hoisted

and another......
                             New timber windows being delivered                         
                                sash window manufactured and fitted by Kierson
Timber sash window manufactured and fitted by Kierson  Timber casement windows manufactured and installed by Kierson

As a complete service, we can fit all our new windows....

Bespoke timber windows manufactured and fitted by Kierson

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    pointing in a new sash window   Yorkshire Sliding Sash manufactured and installed by Kierson 

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FAQ and Answers           There are currently 4 questions in this section

Q1    If your repairs are so good why do you make new windows?
A      Occasionally we come across a window which is not economically viable to repair. Occasionally a client will still go ahead with the repair for aesthetic reasons, environmental policy, cost of replacing glass etc.
       If it is not economic sense to repair the window we will tell you, we aim for value for money.
       We also provide clients with new windows to replace replacements, for example a Victorian house that has had the box sashes taken out and casements put in or a client who is changing back to timber from uPVC.
       We can match up new windows to existing windows for extensions and new builds.

Q2   Will replacing the windows cause any external damgage?
A     If there is to be any sturctural damage connected with the installation of new windows then we can usually see that before we start work and will have discussed that with you. This can include realigning of header bricks and internal plasterwork. We do offer a minor building works service (see Main Menu section on 'Other Services').

Q3   Will there be damage to internal decoration when you replace my windows?
A     As far as internal decoration is concerned we always work as conscientiously as we can but we can not accept responsilibilty for damage to paintwork and/or wallpaper. We strongly recommend that you have your windows installed prior to any internal decoration works. We do offer a full painting and decorating service(see Main Menu section on 'Painting and Decorating). We also offer a minor building works service (see Main Menu section on 'Other Services').

Q4   Are you FENSA registered?
A     No we aren't FENSA registered because the projects that we are involved with usually come under the jurisdiction of a Conservation Officer or have required formal Planning Permission from the outset. 
        If you live in a listed property or you live in a conservation area then the council should be informed of your intentions and FENSA is bypassed.
       FENSA is an organisation which can certify that new made windows meet current regulations. This certificate which is provided by the window manufacturer in effect negates the need for planning permision or involvement  with Building Regulations.  It is used for timber windows but is mainly used by uPVC manufacturers.