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As specialists in pre-paint repairs we believe that the decorating should be carried out by  specialists too. A good painting contractor can make your windows look fabulous. Sometimes we can arrange painters for you or we can recommend them to you, please ask for more details.

                                                        Sash window, fully restored  

                                         Fully restored sash window with new sill

FAQ and Answers        There are currently 7 questions in this section

Q1  I'm planning to have the whole exterior of the house painted later can I wait to paint the windows later too?
A    The period of time you have to coat your windows really depends on the weather conditions. We recommend that all repairs and any exposed timber is coated immediately because the resins we use do not like a lot of UV light and of course any exposed wood needs to be protected from moisture. However a good primer and undercoat will go a long way to protecting these areas temporarily.

Q2   I already have a local painter and decorator that I'm happy using, is that ok?
A    Yes! At Kierson we specialise in the repair of damaged wood work, we offer painting and decorating as an additional service only because a lot of clients had asked us to provide it.
      When we have repaired a window it is left structurally sound and any painter can carry out works including sanding and stripping(in accordance with standard Health and Safety practice) as they would to a sound timber window.
      Please make sure that any painter/decorator is happy to work around any draughtproofing we have installed. Carelessly painting over the brush pile will render it almost useless. We can provide a U channel to cover the pile but any good painter will know this or will be able to paint without it.
      It is also important that the painter is used to painting sash windows. If you have gone to the trouble and cost of having us ease and adjust your windows it is only too easy for a painter to undo the work by carelessly painting the windows shut.

Q3   I can paint the windows myself but painting around the draughtproofing pile looks fiddily.....
A     It is just a case of painting in a straight line but we know that's easier said than done! And that's why we can provide a U channel that is just a plastic cover to go over the pile and you can paint up to that.

Q4  I'm quite happy to paint the inside of my windows but I'm not keen on ladders and working at height. Can you paint just the outside for me?
A    Yes, that's fine, we can carry out external decoration and leave any internal painting until later or for yourselves to do.

Q5  I'm not ready to paint the inside of the room yet
A    That's fine, we can carry out external decoration and leave any internal painting until later or for yourselves to do.

Q6  What paint do you recommend?
A     Usually we use Dulux Weathershield but we're happy to use any paint system that is preferred or specified.

Q7   Will the repairs and draughtproofing I am having cause any damage to exterior and interior decoration?
A     If there is to be any structural damage connected with the repairs or draughtproofing or installation of new windows then we can usually see that before we start work and will have discussed that with you. This can include realigning of header bricks and plasterwork. As far as internal decoration is concerned we always work as conscientiously as we can but we can not accept responsilibilty for damage to paintwork and/or wallpaper. We strongly recommend that you have your windows repaired prior to any internal decoration works.