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Where ever possible we try to leave all the existing furniture in place. However it can be broken or it may have been changed previously and not be true to the original.

There are hundreds of different styles of fasteners, in a variety of finishes on the market today.
Nowadays a lot of fasteners cleverly incorporate locking mechanisms that are barely visible.

           ironmongery for sash windows

We also carry a stock of original fittings that have been reclaimed and are available to our clients.

                                           original sash window catches

However if you need to match up a particular item or need something extra special we offer a bespoke, handmade service to replicate any original piece of ironmongery.

original sash window fastener           reproduction sash window catch
     19th Century sash window catch...                                    .....and its 21st Century cousin

                                          reproduction sash lift
                                                 Reproduction 19th Century sash lift.

FAQ and Answers        There are currently 6 questions in this section

Q1   I'm concerned about security but want to retain the look of traditional sash fasteners is there anything available?
A     Yes, all the traditional patterns, Brightons, Quadrants, Fitches are available with an integral locking mechanism that can only be seen on really close inspection. We can also install barrel locks which effectively screw the 2 sashes together through the meeting rail. This is a good option where only 2 small brass filled holes can be seen.

Q2   I have small children, how can I keep the windows only slightly open?
A     Sash stops can be fastened to the frames at any height to prevent the windows being opened too far. Always ensure though that you have an escape route in case of fire.

Q3   We have a small office, we need ventilation but are concerned that people can get through open sashes if we nip out. Is there something we can do?
A      In the same way as Q2 but we would suggest that you sealed the bottom sash shut and put sash stops for the top sash. Again, always ensure though that you have an escape route in case of fire.

Q4    My windows are hard to use, they get stuck opening and closing them can you alter them?
A      Yes, during repairs we can alter and adjust the way the window runs. You could also have the windows draughtproofed which makes them slide more easily (see Main Menu section on 'Draughtproofing). We can also fix a range of furniture to your windows such as handles and lifts that are replicas of original furniture designed to make using sash windows easier.

Q5    I've got original fasteners on some of my windows but not on all of them. Can you match them up ?
A      Yes, there is a huge range of reproduction hardware on the market now and we can fit that for you. Sometimes we are able to source original fittings for you too. The other alternative is that we are able to have any piece of hardware made by hand so even the strangest pattern can be matched. 

Q6    I love my original sash windows but I also like modern touches. Is there anyway I can put a new twist on my windows?
A      Yes, in many cases sash windows were painted so that the boxes and the sashes were 2 different colours, of course your windows can be painted internally to match any decor (see Main Menu section on 'Painting'). 
        An easy solution is to change the hardware which can always be changed back. Many of the original fastenings and fittings are now reproduced and come in a variety of finishes. Changing your fittings to chrome can give a clean contemporary feel.