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Other Period and Historic Buildings Services

Below are a selection of photographs that show the extent of features that can benefit from resin repairs other than windows.

Primarily, we are a restoration company but our manufacturing side allows us to supply any bespoke timber items. When these are combined with resin-restoration it creates the best value solution to damaged historic and period properties.
At Kierson we understand the need to incorporate modern advances into period properties and we do this sympathetically.

We recognise the importance of working closely with Conservation Officers and as such we are happy to liaise between local authorities, architects and clients. We can also apply for Listed Building Consent on a client's behalf.

                     Rotten spar feet on a roof line                                                Rotten spar feet and soffit corbels repaired with resin

Replacement timber guttering with lead lining.
Resin repairs were carried out to the spar feet and corbels before a bespoke timber gutter, exactly matching the original was installed and finished with a new lead lining.
        Timber guttering reproduced to match the original                                      Reproduction timber guttering with lead lining   

Restoration works to Cupola.
Resin repairs and installation of new plinths and mouldings to exactly match the original.

            Rotten and damaged cupola can be restored          cupola restoration

    Restoration of columns, plinths and capitals                        Columns, plinths and capitals after restoration

Fascia Replacement.
The sash windows were carefully restored the UPVC fascia removed. By copying both the fascia and pinnacle of neighbouring houses we were able to restore the property's original features.
upvc fascia to be changed for timber        Timber fascia and pinnacle reproduced to match originals on the same street

                new timber fascia copied from neighbouring houses                    Timber pinnacle made to match the originals on the street

                                              New bespoke timber fascia which replaced modern uPVC

                                               "......... it looks like it's been there forever!....." Mrs M Greig, Sheffield.