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Did you know...? The gaps around the sashes of an average sash window can be the equivalent of an aperture measuring ten or more square inches.

Because of this, more heat is lost than can be saved by trying to double glaze your windows. The answer is draughtproofing.

Approved by English Heritage and Conservation Officers........

 This service is designed to radically improve the performance of your windows with as little visible alteration as possible so you retain the beauty of your windows and preserve the character of your property.
                                                          English Heritage advocates the draughtproofing of sash windows
Below you can find reasons why you should keep your original sash windows but don't just take our word for it, English Heritage have carried out a lot of research into draughtproofing windows. They have concluded that it is the best option for upgrading the thermal performance of your windows. English Heritage have very kindly  allowed us to link to their website to help promote the benefits of draughtproofing your windows.

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Draughtproofing can be carried out on both sash and casement windows.

Draughtproofing upgrades the performance of your windows in the following ways;-

*****      Eliminates draughts
*****      Reduces noise
*****      Reduces dirt and dust ingress
*****      Prevents rattles
*****      Ease of use
*****      Improves energy efficiency
*****     Improves energy retention
*****     Doesn't alter the appearance of your window and property

Draughtproofing your windows involves inserting a weatherpile into the sashes, the parting bead and sash bead of the window.
Our pile comes in different lengths to fit different gaps.

      draughtproofing a sash window               starting to draughtproof a sash window

       part of the system for draughtproofing a sash window                  Fitting draughtproofing in a sash window

                                                         Draughtproofing in a sash window

FAQ and Answers                          There are currently 7 questions in this section

Q1   What's the alternative to draughtproofing my windows?
A     Traditionally you would have used heavier, lined curtains.
       You could use double glazed sealed units (see Q2 below).
       You could replace your windows (see Q3 below).
Q2  Wouldn't it be better to put double glazed sealed units in my windows to make my house warmer?
A    Usually the air leakage around a sash window is more than can be compensated for by putting in double glazed units. Draughtproofing stops air movement around the box and sashes. 
      Draughtproofing can achieve upto 80% of the energy performance of a double glazed unit.
      Traditional sashes are normally too thin to take the thickness of a sealed unit.
      Sealed units can be about three times as heavy as traditional glass therefore you have to adjust the weights in the sash boxes.  Sometimes there isn't enough room in the boxes for this additional weight. You also have the additional cost of the lead.
      You would be removing the original crown glass from your windows and effectively altering the appearance of your windows and property (see Main Menu section on 'Glazing').
      Sealed units are prone to breaking down, when misting appears between the 2 sheets of glass. They are usually only guaranteed for upto 10 years.
      It is said that it would take over 100 years for you to recoup the cost of your sealed units against your energy savings.

Q3  Wouldn't it be easier to change my windows for more modern sash windows?
A    Changing your windows, even 'like for like' requires involvement with
building regulations. 
      You would be altering the character and integrity of your property forever.
      Government regulations stipulate that a habitable room has to have a specific amount of ventilation to avoid condensation and the consequential growth of mould. This is why you see 'trickle vents' in new windows. Interestingly enough the amount of ventilation required by the regulation is equivalent to the ventilation afforded by the gaps in a closed traditional sash window. To allow ventilation in these when the window has been draughtproofed you just open the sash!

Q4  My windows are very rotten and damaged, can they be repaired and draughtproofed?
A    Yes. We carry out all the repairs first so that the windows are structurally sound then they can be worked on like any other window.

Q5  How long does it take to draughtproof a window?
A    2 men should easily draughtproof 3 traditional sash windows in a day.

Q6  Will it make a lot of mess?
A    No. All our operatives will always work as tidily as possible and will tidy up behind them (see Main Menu section on 'Repairs').
      The sash/staff bead that frames the window in the room will be removed and a new one installed so this will have to be painted to match your internal decor. This is the same for the parting beads. Both the sash and parting beads are designed to come away from a sash window so there should be no damage. The new ones come in bare wood for staining, or white primed for painting (see Main Menu section on 'Painting').

Q7  Will draughtproofing cause any damage to the internal decoration?
A     As far as internal decoration is concerned we always work as conscientously as we can.  Of course, taking off internal sash beads can damage paintwork but this is usually only minimal and in most cases can just be touched in. However we can not accept responsilibilty for damage to paintwork and/or wallpaper. We strongly recommend that you have your windows repaired prior to any internal decoration works. We do offer a full painting and decorating service (see Main Menu section on 'Painting and Decorating').