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If retaining your timber windows is important to you then replacing any damaged or broken glass will be a priority too.
We can supply and fit a variety of glass products.
Being faithful to the original is what we try to achieve with:-
*****     Stained Glass 
*****     Etched Glass
*****     Bull's Eye
*****     Leaded Glass
*****     Crown Glass
But we also supply a variety of modern specialist glass:-
*****     Pilkington energikareTM
*****     Doubled Glazed Sealed Units
*****     Security Glass including toughened and laminate
*****     Acoustic Glass
*****     Fire Resistant Glass

                           stained glass reproduced to match the original

  rotten casement window          repaired casement window with new glazing bars and etched glass
                                       etched glass in a restored casement window


                   etched glass being installed           etched glass in very large sheets  

                                      etched glass in all shapes and sizes

                                                jack and leaded glass

Where ever possible we recycle glass to retain authenticity

                              Crown glass salvaged and recycled

FAQ and Answers         There are currently 5 questions in this section

Q1   I want to make my house warmer and improve its energy efficiency. Can I replace the glass with double glazed sealed units?
  A   This seems like a good idea but there are several issues to consider:- 
       Usually the air leakage around a sash window is more than can be compensated for by putting in double glazed units. Draughtproofing stops air movement around the box and sashes (see Main Menu section on 'Draughtproofing'). 
       Draughtproofing can achieve upto 80% of the energy performance of a double glazed unit.
       Sealed units vary in quality from basic to Pilkington energiKareTM which not only retains heat from inside the building but traps solar energy from the sun.
       Sealed units are prone to breaking down, when misting appears between the 2 sheets of glass. They are usually only guaranteed for upto 10 years.
       It is said that it would take over 100 years for you to recoup the cost of your sealed units against your energy savings.
       There can be fitting issues with sealed units as well:-
       Traditional sashes are normally too thin to take the thickness of a sealed unit.
       Sealed units can be about three times as heavy as traditional glass therefore you have to adjust the weights in the sash boxes. Sometimes there isn't enough room in the boxes for this additional weight, then you also have the additional cost of the lead.
       You would be removing the original crown glass from your windows and effectively altering the appearance of your windows and property (see Q2 below).

Q2   When I look at the glass in my windows it looks rippled and even has some bubbles in it. Shouldn't I change this for better quality glass?
A      What you are looking at, or through, is what is known as 'Crown Glass'. Far from being inferior this is the original glass and is highly prized! This glass is usually very thin and weaker in some places than others, take great care when cleaning it.
Q3    I've got old 'crown glass'/ stained glass/ etched glass in my old rotten windows. Can you repair around that?
A      Yes, the routing tools we use work at such a rpm that the glass is unaffected even if it is touched. All our operatives work with care and diligence but this old glass is very delicate and usually very thin and we can not be sure of the stresses already placed on it (see Main Menu section on 'Repairs'). 

Q4    I've got 'crown glass'/ stained glass/ etched glass that's cracked, can you replace it when you repair the windows?
A      Yes, often we can source original glass to replace broken or damged pieces, otherwise we can have it made for you.

Q5    I live on a main road and I get a lot of noise, is there anything that can be done to stop this?
A      Yes, draught proofing does greatly reduce road noise (see Main Menu section on 'Draughtproofing'). 
        Also we are able to install 'acoustic glass' in some windows. 
        Secondary double glazing is an option but can restrict the use of your sash windows.